Cenote de la Bruja (Witch’s Cenote)a mystical place and history.

Cenote de la Bruja (Witch’s Cenote)a mystical place and history.


This cenote is located inside the open-air lagoon in the area of the Regional Education Center "Javier Rojo Gómez" on the coastal avenue with 8th Street and to which we can access through the main door of this house of studies, or by means of a catamaran, sailboat from the lagoon, this cenote is the smallest in diameter of the four with 130 meters approximately and the closest to the city but like all with a depth that exceeds 15 meters from the shore around it we can find abundant vegetation.

A place with a lot of history tells the legend that before setting up the normal school of Javier Rojo Gómez,  an ancient Mayan had lived in this same place, full of dolls surrounding the vegetation and trees. The delegate of the town of Bacalar made the decision to evict her so that they could build the Normal school.

In his office,  Mr. Juan Manuel Herrera, with the committee of ejidatarios of Bacalar, they looked for the way to chase her from the place, but it was not simple thing because many of the settlers feared her for being a Mayan woman with the age of 98 years and considered one of the Mayan women who did not leave Bacalar during the Caste War that occurred in the Yucatan Peninsula and Bacalar was one of the first indigenous village that devastated the Spaniards, the land, it is said that the land counted with a spell where the man who stepped on those lands committed suicide or fell with a very strong flu that was impossible to cure due to lack of medication and hospitals, in order to terrorize the inhabitants and the person who visited that place, could die or fall ill for several days.

It is said that over time to remove that charm, went priests, healers and sorcerers but the charm was greater than expected and it was a long and difficult to get rid of the spell that left the sorceress and build the school.

There are still part of the buildings where the witch lived, leaving a mark of fright, fear and suspense to the residents a story full of mystery and suspense that you can listen to with any endemic inhabitants of Bacalar or the stories told by our captains of navy.

Magic Bacalar invites you to live this mystical experience visiting the cenote de la bruja and learn more about the history of this wonderful place.

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